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Murfitts Industries Limited is an innovative British company leading the way in the manufacture of high quality rubber granules from post consumer tyres. Our products, which we export globally, are used in a huge variety of applications ranging from sports surfaces to carpet underlay. We have achieved a 100% recycling method for all the components in the tyres we use and we believe we are currently the only company in the world who can make this claim.

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Company history

The company was formed in late 2001 as the intended implementation of the EC Landfill Directive and the End of Life Vehicle Directive meant that some 450,000 tonnes of tyres a year needed to find a home. Landfill was not an option.

The desire to give some form of environmental benefit coupled with these new legislative drivers opened up the opportunity for us to enter the tyre recycling field.

Two years researching available technologies world wide resulted in a bespoke built plant, giving us the versatility to produce a range of products from all types of tyres. We can now recycle 100% of all the elements which form part of that tyre including the rubber, steel and fibre.

We recycle 11 million tyres a year and work with many companies and sports associations around the world. We are also trusted by our tyre supplying clients to process their industry by-product with the least impact possible to the environment, so helping them fulfil their own Corporate Social Responsibilities.