Murfitts & The Environment

Better for our clients

Our tyre supplying clients look to us to provide a trustworthy and environmentally sound way of processing their industry by-product.

Clients who use our quality granular end product are looking for a sustainable, clean and versatile material that they can be sure has a low environmental impact.

With our innovative methods and purpose built machinery, we are able to recover and recycle a full 100% of the component materials in all our tyres. That’s 100% of the rubber, 100% of the steel and 100% of the fibre. We believe we are the only tyre recycling plant in the world to be able to make this claim.

So, it’s not just good news for the environment. 100% product recycling means our sustainability credentials are impeccable and our efficiency is such that we can offer quality products at a competitive cost.

Material Environmental Impact

We are also licensed by the Environment Agency and are part of the Tyre Industry Federation’s Responsible Recyclers Scheme.


Better for our team

We’re not just concerned with being good to the environment. We also go to great lengths to make our plant a good environment to work in. Substantial investment has been made in noise reduction, air filtration and safety in the workplace. As a result we have a loyal and dedicated workforce who are committed to ensuring we deliver quality to our customers.

Our local environment

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