The number one rubber granulate manufacturing plant

Murfitts Gallery

The recycling plant

The process involved to reduce a complete truck tyre to a fine quality rubber crumb is essentially a straightforward one of size reduction, separation and refining.

But to achieve the exceptionally high standards and diversity of product that our clients demand has taken years of research and development and the construction of a completely bespoke production plant.

The journey from tyre to accurately graded, clean rubber granulates takes a matter of minutes in our purpose built factory. But, during that time, the raw material passes through a series of computer monitored phases from initial cleaning to final granulation and grading. Our shredders and granulators are complemented by a comprehensive system of magnetic separators and fibre extraction equipment to ensure the minimum of contaminates – something all of our clients expect.

Our aim is to produce the best possible consistent quality at a competitive price.

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