Raising the bar for artificial sports pitches

PRO-gran has literally ‘changed the game’ in high-performance infill for artificial sports pitches. A Polymeric Infill that provides exceptional performance, it is the winning formula for 100% pitch safety, both for players and the wider environment. What’s more, it has been thoroughly tested and exceeds the EU’s toughest toxicology standards since it releases no heavy metals, PAHs or micro plastics. 

A fantastic all-round performance

No other artificial pitch infill matches PRO-gran’s performance for ball bounce, ball roll, consistency of play and surface stability. 

Other benefits include lower surface temperatures, no aroma, no airborne particulates and excellent drainage properties. 

With up to 25% reduction in skin abrasion, players are delighted with its performance.

PRO-gran’s in a different league

Engineered to offer the very best in performance and safe for players and the environment, PRO-gran is a Polymeric Infill that combines the exceptional dynamic properties of rubber, which is then coated in polyurethane to make it 100% safe. PRO-gran has been thoroughly tested and is approved by the Dutch Soil Decree and meets the criteria for REACH 1272/2013 as an Article.

Safety first with PRO-tect Rubber Mulch

Child safety is our No.1 priority, and PRO-tect rubber mulch is a natural-looking alternative to bark that is 100% safe. It protects children from impact, providing exceptional performance at critical fall heights. And it protects the environment, releasing no PAHs or heavy metals. 

PRO-tect offers a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution for playgrounds and exceeds the EU’s toughest toxicology tests.

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Seeing is believing

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